Hand Scan

Temp Guardian® Auto Hand Scan Thermometer
Scan temperatures of employees and visitors easily and accurately with Temp-Guardian® Auto Hand Scan Thermometer by ITD Health Safety. Perfect for scanning temperatures of large groups quickly and accurately.

Mini Hand Scan with LCD

MINI Auto Hand Scan Thermometer with 12×7 LCD Monitor
The close-range temperature measuring intergraded machine use medical-grade high-precision infrared temperature measurement sensors to detect the body temperature of the human body by measuring human palm, wrist, or forehead.

Mini Hand Scan

Auto Mini Hand Scan Thermometer
The Temp Guardian MINI from ITD Safety uses a high-precision infrared temperature sensor to detect the body temperature by measuring the temperature of the palm, wrist, or forehead using a non-contact temperature measurement method.

Safety Shield

Designed for Comfort and Breathability
This mask is designed for comfort and breathability covering the eyes, nose and mouth. It is an anti-fogging, see-through protective shield and blocks aerosols, fluids and sprays from our faces.

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