ITD Safety is a sister company of ITD Food Safety. ITD Safety brings our 15 years of food safety experience to the personal and workplace safety marketplace. Our selection of products from PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) to AI Thermal Body Temperature Scanning devices are manufactured to the highest standards. These products ensure your safety at work, school, traveling and in places where social distancing practices are difficult to maintain.

ITD Safety and our family of products are committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our customers as we adjust to post pandemic world. Rest assured that ITD is constantly researching the market for innovative technologies to bring you peace of mind during these changing times. Your safety is our priority at ITD Safety.

Company Vision Statement

ITD Safety is committed to providing solutions to ensure workplace safety in a post pandemic world.

It is the mission of the company management to operate on Biblical principles seeking God’s guidance in the delivery of quality solutions that result in long-term customer relationships. By embracing this vision, the company owners, team members, families and community will be impacted in a substantial and positive way.